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Recycling dork

I really can’t say how the whole recycling obsession started, but now it’s just a way of life. It grosses my co-workers out for some reason, but I wash out and save every plastic container that comes into my possession during the day, from takeout sushi containers to Starbucks cups and other victims of the NYC takeout lifestyle. Yes, maybe I should avoid takeout. Yes, maybe I should just get a refillable tumbler or cold cup for my morning coffees and iced coffees. Got it.

On the upside, every Starbucks and yogurt cup, sushi container, floss box (all #5 plastic resin codes, just look for the triangle sign) and Brita filter that comes to me is taken to Whole Foods where #5 plastics are recycled. New York City municipal recycling services only accept #1 and #2 plastics, covering the majority of food, beauty and household cleaner bottles. But some plastics fall outside this spectrum and I’m not about to toss them into the landfill pile. Ever seen Waste Land? Just can’t do it after seeing those mountains of trash. Gives me agita!

It’s not hard for me to do – just have to a have a hint of the hoarder instinct to be able to follow through with it – but it truly makes me feel like I’m making a difference, albeit a small one. So try looking, see what’s #1, #2 or #5 and maybe save a few and take them in. Promise, it will feel good! We can save so many resources that already exist in our environment without adding more inorganic stuff into the massive amounts of waste produced everyday.

Be a lady. Please share your thoughts.

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