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Third NYC O&Co opening

To add to their Bleecker St. and Grand Central outposts, O&Co is opening a new Manhattan location in The Shops at Columbus Circle, opening this month. I’ll be buying the Lemon Specialty Olive Oil – great on salads, bresaola, lots of things. Originally had it at my aunt’s – she’s the original hostess.

The store really stuck in my memory, however, when I read about the founding of the company in Kim Sunée’s memoir, Trail of Crumbs. For years she was the mistress of L’Occitane and O&Co founder, Olivier Baussan, and her memoir tracks her self-discovery as well as the development of L’Occitane and the start of O&Co. I’m sure Baussan must’ve been thrilled by the exposé (it’s not that negative of a portrayal really, just very public), but Kim’s description of how the store/business idea came about is really interesting. She seems to have been an integral part of the plan, but bowed out late in the game as her relationship with Baussan fizzled.

So there you have it, a reading reco and a new store for yummy shopping all in one post.

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