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Let’s be honest…

The stereotype is obviously that men are intolerably messy. Advertising for stain removal products is totally geared towards women who clearly have nothing better to do than be running around after their husbands and children doing laundry.

However I will confess that I am a mess. A hot mess normally covered either in coffee, pen marks, grease stains from things that I clearly should NOT have been eating, tea dribbles, hot chocolate eruptions, red wine, dirt from the side of my car, the list goes on. Clearly I have an issue with controlling my beverages.

But ladies let’s be honest. There are other mishaps involved in the female life as well. You know what I’m talking about. *Cough. Oh the horror.

When I was a teenager my mother introduced me to the soap Fels-Naptha. This wonderful golden brick of laundry super power has saved many a garment, both intimate and non. Suds it up, scrub and prepare to be shocked when things look like new.

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