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The story behind Fish’s Eddy

This evening, standing in the (perpetually long & irritating) checkout line at Whole Foods, I picked up an issue of Edible Manhattan. While flipping through, my eyes fell on the word “Syracuse.” I’m anything if nostalgic for my hometown and alma mater, so naturally my curiosity was piqued and I started reading. Turns out one of my favorite stores in the city, Fish’s Eddy, was started a ‘Cuse grad. No wonder I love that store – you could always find so much Syracuse China in it!

The story unearths the development of the store, which is entwined with the lives of the two owners – Julie Gaines and Dave Lenovitz. It’s named Fish’s Eddy after a town in the Catskills where they went camping shortly after meeting… I always wondered if there was a connection with the store when I passed that exit on Route 17 (ghastly drive).

Reading these backstory articles are always fun too because you find out how people are connected. Turns out Lenovitz’s cousin is married to Mario Batali (and Fish’s Eddy did his restaurant’s dishes) and that cousin’s parents started Coach. Fascinating!

I think my favorite part of the story is hearing Gaines and Lenovitz describe the New York they started out in – somewhere artifacts of by-gone eras were still all around to be salvaged… dish and glassware from ‘21’ Club, the Harvard Club, the Palace Hotel, Fonda del Sol and the Newarker restaurant at Newark Airport. Apparently once they came across a burnt-out barn with tons of dishes in it -all intact – and they made off with the whole lot. Can discoveries like this still be made? Feels doubtful.

I’ll stop recapping, but definitely give this article a read! And go to Fish’s Eddy if you haven’t. Such a treat!

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