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The classic summer cocktail

Spritzers are the perfect summer sipping drink because they’re simple, refreshing and universally appealing. Invest in a good liqueur with a flower or citrus base like Aperol or my favorite, St. Germain, and the rest can be easily filled in.  I’m not really much of a recipe follower when it comes to making drinks so this was mostly eyeballed, but this is pretty much what it comes down to…

A Good Hostess’s Summer Spritzer

1/2 oz. of St. Germain or another liqueur (the smaller end of a bartending jigger, which my sophisticated friend actually had in her apartment)

Equal parts prosecco and sparkling/soda water

Slice of lemon to garnish

1 ice cube (if you didn’t chill the prosecco or fizzy water before, but if you add this, heavy up on the prosecco and lay off the sparking water so it doesn’t get too diluted)

Another hostess tip, inspired by my friend’s excellent home bar/entertaining set-up… Stock up on simple, inexpensive glasses so you can have enough for entertaining, but won’t be upset if they break from the inevitable absurdities that go on after some drinking. These glasses are CB2 Marta barware.

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