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Oh just screw it!

The best friend of ladies night is the screw top beverage. Now I’ve become an expert at using a variety of different bottle openers and bottle opening techniques. Starting with the sober and elegantly executed. Then the less sober, slightly more desperate and far less elegant execution in which one doesn’t even cut the foil but simply pulls the cork through it. And of course the classic “I’m going to open a champagne bottle on Metro North with a dish towel I happen to have in my purse in order to prevent it from flying across the train and accosting other passengers.” Not judging of course whether either I, or any of you, in fact have a problem because this blog is meant to be a judgement free zone, I will share a couple of my screw top favs. This little line-up prevents all these issues and allows us to enjoy with simplicity and grace even when the grace part might become a touch questionable.

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