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Yes that’s right. I make yogurt.

I’m not going to pretend to be one of those bitches that stands and makes muffins from scratch every morning. Let’s not get ridiculous. However I am a bitch that makes her own homemade yogurt. There are certain things that when made at home, the ability to control the ingredients can really end in a much healthier and tastier end product. Therefore, I make my own bolognese sauce, pesto, lentil soup, ratatouille, and of course yogurt. It never would have occurred to me to do so until I read the book French Women Don’t Get Fat and became intrigued with the idea of even further controlling what ends up in my refrigerator. I ended up receiving the yogurt maker as a gift and admittedly placed it on a kitchen shelf for a good year and a half before dusting it off to see what it could do. Now I’m hooked. I have those 7 delightful jars in the fridge waiting for me. I mix the plain yogurt I make with jam, honey, wheat germ, nuts, and as fan of coffee flavored yogurt want to try a recipe to make that too. As a lover of Middle Eastern dishes and Turkish ones to be specific, I use the yogurt constantly as a garnish on everything from lamb to pizza. All it takes is half a gallon of milk, with the fat content of your choosing of course, and a couple hours in a handy dandy yogurt maker. Mine came from Williams-S0noma and includes 7 portion sized jars to mimic the in-store shopping experience.


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