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No Coach don’t do it…

I am so torn. I do not know which way I lean on this. Sadly as a girl it’s actually a huge issue… I received a gift card from Coach to save $100 off of a purchase of $300 or more. I stood starring at the card in my hand and thought WHAT to do. Now do I 1) go with my immediate instinct and jump on the website to find what I would spend it on. 2) Carefully put it down and step away from totally unneeded temptation. Or 3) be terribly disappointed that the bag that I was so excited to buy for the first time as my first “real big girl handbag” is giving out discounts?? Isn’t it bad enough that there are rap songs with the lyrics, “Still riding coach, need a Coach bag, Let me coach you, no Coach tags, Get rid of that Coach bag!” It really upsets me as girl who’s overly obsessed with handbags and as someone who works in marketing that a brand that I love dearly is losing respect and focus. I do however love the fact that they are doing a limited edition line of Coach Classics and bringing back some of the styles that are so recognizable. My sister and I have some very fond memories of playing dress up with my mom’s Classic Duffle.

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