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A season for housewarming gifts

We’re at that age where people start getting settled. All this settling requires gifts. Gifts for homes, babies, weddings… the list goes on. When the gifts are for those whom we are close to then both the choosing and giving is fun and rewarding. However, life provides us with plenty of moments when we are left totally stumped as to what the appropriate gift should be, if they will like it, if it’s too expensive, or even worse, if it’s not expensive enough. I have found the answer to be whatever the gift is, it HAS to be in good taste… regardless of what the recipient’s taste may be…*insert a judgmental eyebrow*…

I found a shop, familiar to many, in New Canaan, Connecticut called Comina. It has wide selection of various charming items ranging from glassware, tableware, servingware to even furniture along with everything in between for decorating. There is a little something for everyone whether you prefer something very simple to something more elaborate. It’s provided me with several successful wedding gifts thus far including an inlaid serving tray from Peru to nautically themed dessert plates. What becomes a slight issue is that it’s hard to leave without something for myself.

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    I need to go here!!!

    September 18, 2011

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