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Getting back to my roots

As a Polish American living in New York, it may seem inconceivable that I’ve never been to Greenpoint until recently, but coercion on the part of some darling friends brought me to their ‘hood in BK. Since the L was shut down, I took the G, which spat me out in the heart of Little Poland and so the pilgrimage to see my people, which needed to happen, came about.

We stopped in for dinner at Łomżynianka (corner of Bedford & Manhattan Avenues in Greenpoint, Williamsburg). Nothing fancy here – the epitome of family-owned, hearty homestyle cooking from the East, but the line was around the corner – always a good sign.

Everything we had was delicious. From the surówki (raw veggie salads) and the borscht with dumplings (picture below- so delicious!) to the pierogi (boiled and fried) and bigos (beef stew), we were in food heaven. A quick tip on Polish food consumption that my friend learned after a whole plate of fried pierogi – as yummy as fried pierogi are, be led not into temptation. Boiled are just as good, maybe even better, and are not as rough on the tummy. Smacznego!

Barszcz z uszkami | Red borscht with dumplings

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