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New Haven is just plain yummy

There are few places that can make you as comfortable as you would be at home. For me that place is New Haven, Connecticut. It is far enough from NYC that it has a relaxed more Upstate atmosphere. Being home to several educational institutions it has a wonderful selection of theater, live music as well as a fantastic range of quality ethnic restaurants for a city of its size. My love affair for New Haven started at a young age when I started visiting my boyfriend at the time on the Yale campus. He took me to explore New Haven’s claim to fame, the pizza, and what better place to start than Frank Pepe’s. Not only was it delicious but very cost effective for the college budget we were operating on. However now that I am older I have been able to choose from all the other delicious offerings the city has.

My brunch location of choice is Pacifico. They serve, “Nuevo-Latino Seafood cuisine. Along with traditional tapas, some of our signature dishes include Seafood Paella, Skirt Steak with Chino-Latino stir fried rice, Caramalized Salmon, and Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.” They have a fixed brunch menu that comes with 3-courses for a grand total of $19.95. This simply allows my budget to include an extra mimosa…. I always start with the ceviche because I am a creature of habit and it is just that delicious.

A couple other of my New Haven favorites are…

The Istanbul Café – Delicious selection of Turkish meze, kebabs and wine. As a lover of Turkey and Turkish wines in particular one can never take for granted how exciting it is to find a restaurant that serves both as they are often dry.

BAR – I’m not sure what I enjoy here more… the nightclub atmosphere, the music, the pizza or the cocktails. One thing is for sure that I always have a great time.

Louis’ Lunch – The supposed birthplace of the hamburger. Or what appears to be a beef sandwich. Literally. As they serve it on bread. Very tasty and fun however I would advise to make it a summer adventure in which one can make a picnic of it and enjoy some of the beautiful spots on campus to sit and eat as the restaurant itself is only slightly bigger than my bathroom.

zinc – Under the tagline of, “Modern American Food,” they have a great farm-to-table menu that is sourced from CT/NY/MA farms, dairy farms and orchards. Also doesn’t hurt that they have an amazing wine selection.

Union League Cafe – It isn’t often that I feel like sitting in a more formal European atmosphere but no one can deny how charming it is to come and have dinner here. The historic atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to an evening at the theater. It was in fact voted one of the most romantic restaurants in Connecticut which is no surprise seeing as what else would one expect with a combination of beaux art details and French food.

These are the ones I have discovered so far… By all means please add to the list!

photo source: Pacifico

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