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Rock what your momma gave you

It is said to “rock what your momma gave you.” My momma gave me a lot. A lot on top that is… and they require maintenance. After several failed attempts at finding a sexy and reasonably comfortable brassiere I decided that I actually had no idea how to find what I was looking for. It seems like some sort of cruel joke. Of all things shouldn’t a woman know how to pick out a bra correctly? I mean it’s not as if I got these accessories by choice. I even went to the extent of watching a bra fitting video on youtube to try and figure out what I could be doing wrong. The videos themselves, minus being incredibly entertaining and unfortunately not pornographic, were also quite informative. However I was still left feeling like I could be more comfortable.

It became time to enlist the professionals. I made myself an appointment for a bra fitting at Intimacy NYC. Their tagline is, “Changing womens’ lives,” so I figured it was worth a shot. They offer supposedly over 90 different bra sizes, who would have thought there could be so many, and 15 different brands. Amongst all of those there has got to be 1 bra that I can wear and not end my day feeling like my underwire is coming through my ribs.

Upon arriving I was introduced to my bra specialist (I’m having a hard time writing that with a straight face) who was very personable and immediately put me at ease with the entire experience which is good seeing as we were about to get to know one another really well. From there I learned more about bras then one would ever think possible. From how they are supposed to be structured and sewn to how to properly adjust and put them on. For instance the bra should fit extremely snuggly to reduce strain on your shoulders, the back band should be completely level all the way around, and the divider between the cups should lay completely flat against your chest. My current bra did basically none of these things. Great.

Needless to say I had no idea there was quite this much involved. I found out that the size I was currently wearing was not only a little bit wrong but completely wrong in every possible way. Once placed properly into my new found size I was truly surprised. Shocked at the huge weight that had been lifted. Literally. I never thought that it would make that significant of a difference in my overall level of comfort and confidence.

Regardless of where you go to be fitted, Victoria’s Secret and most department stores offer similar services, you will more than likely be surprised at the findings. Treat you assets well as we only get one pair.

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    I try to rock what my momma gave me, but my assets are fairly small. And even though they’re small and I don’t have to deal with shoulder strain, it is still incredibly hard to find a proper fitting bra. So I feel your pain on a different level. My problem is trying to find the right amount padding. I want enough to make it look like I have boobs, but not too much so that it like caves in and I have a case of inverted boob. No bueno!

    September 26, 2011

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