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Working from home in a studio: an exercise in square footage

Getting caught up on life happens after work, often late into the wee hours – reading articles, paging through look books for inspiration, writing decks for work, paying bills (most painful chore ever) and of course, my favorite, blogging! Finally, I got up and went to the kitchen the other night for a tea break, which is a journey of 4 feet (does a sink and cabinets recessed in a wall really count as a “kitchen”?). Turning around, I saw my studio version of a home office – a floor-based set-up, homey in its chaos, radiating out from my armchair. It’s funny what in my next apartment I will consider luxuries – a desk (since they were invented to prevent my cuddly organized disaster below), a full fridge (not the under-the-counter guy with no freezer, ie no ice cream!!), being able to a close a door on your bed and a couch to relax on. Ah, the irony of what “luxury” in Manhattan can mean for the non-millionaires among us. Hopefully some day I will be blogging from a proper desk, but for now I’m taking literal advantage of my slightly stunted square footage.

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