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Sis what are we going to do this fall?

My sister and I got into the good habit of making a seasonal activities to-do list. We live in a slight paranoia of life passing us by. Our other issue is that if we’re going to live in the NYC area and work like crazy people, spend way too much money on housing and sit in insane traffic then we might as well live up the cultural events/activities that the area has to offer. However when the weekend comes around it becomes way too easy to say, “uh let’s get some lunch and then watch a movie.” So our solution became to make an overall list for the season of things that we want to try and partake in. Sometimes we get to everything. Sometimes we don’t. The key is to enjoy how we spend our time not create stress for ourselves by freaking out that we didn’t get to every item on the list.

For the fall season we’ll be enjoying as many of the following things in no particular order.

1. Apple & Pumpkin Picking
As we grew up in Upstate New York apple picking is an absolute must. My personal local fav is Outhouse Orchards in North Salem. Despite their mildly offensive name they are a delightful little orchard where you can take a stroll, eat cider doughnuts, ride on the tractor, pick apples and get in touch with your inner country bumpkin.

2. We’re walkers
We love a good stroll to chit chat, enjoy one another’s company and take some nice pictures. Our must list of walks….
– The Highline – Agatha has seen the new portion however I have not yet had that pleasure
– Greenpoint – Take an afternoon to enjoy our Polish side, wander in and out of shops selling Polish knickknacks and stop to enjoy a lunch that makes home feel a little closer.
– The Brooklyn Bridge – I have never actually walked across it and would love to take a beautiful sunny day to take in the view. Picking a lunch destination on the opposite side would of course make the goal a little more appealing.

3. A girlie activity for the season
The Chocolate Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion makes for a day of the ultimate female indulgence. We will spend the day sampling dozens of  different chocolate varieties in every shape and form. This will definitely have to involve a post detox.

4. Something for the kiddies (or for girls who like childish activities… such as myself)
The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at the Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton-on-Hudson, New York is a great activity for pairs and groups alike. Nothing feels more like fall and Halloween then strolling around the entire manor after sundown with a cup of hot cider and taking in the 1000s of glowing pumpkins. Caution however. Children are in attendance. Be prepared. This is an OFS (official suburban activity).

5. Take some time to look at the leaves
Drive up Route 7 in Connecticut to look at the colors, farm houses, and quaint towns along the way.  Take a break at the Belgique Patisserie in Kent for croissants and hot chocolate.

6. Go back to school
Being the daughters of a University professor we are all about the collegiate atmosphere. Nothing makes us a feel more at home then strolling around a beautiful campus. While a trip home to Syracuse affords us this pleasure year round an extremely worthy more local substitute is Princeton. Jump on New Jersey Transit and head down to remove yourself for a day of a beautiful campus and a charming town center with shops and cute spots to grab lunch.

7. Harry Potter lovers (or in my case Ronald Weasley… or Neville Longbottom)
So why not bring together both a dorky love for everything Hogwarts along with the fun atmosphere of attending an outdoor sporting event? The Quidditch World Cup is being hosted at Randall’s Island this November and will be the perfect venue to sport all my Gryffindor gear.

Be a lady. Please share your thoughts.

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