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Apples are my favorite fruit

Apple picking made its annual appearance on our list of fall to-dos, and this year it was as amazing as always. It’s a simple pleasure – comforting in its tradition, seasonal yumminess and family bonding time. I went back to CNY to hit the orchards, because after growing up there, the Hudson Valley apple picking doesn’t quite do it for me. My favorite CNY orchard is Beak & Skiff, where every year I enjoy an obligatory tractor ride, pick pounds and pounds of delicious apples from the tops of the trees (that’s where they’re the sweetest) all for a couple bucks, stuff myself with apple fritters and watch the cider mill churn out gallons of delicious juice. And did I mention the cloudless sky and view of a huge valley with color-turning leaves? Yeah, hands down, going apple picking is the best day of fall.

Main barn at Beak & Skiff Orchards. They've been growing apples since 1911. Best CNY orchard by far.

Empires are the best for pies. Now we know what we're having for dessert tonight.

Action shot of one of my favorite moments of the year.

JonaGold apples ready to be picked.

Apple fritters - a once-a-year indulgence. So much dough and sugar!! Yes!!

Cider heaven. Microwave a cup of this stuff with a cinnamon stick dipped in and some cloves in a tea steeper. Pure fall comfort.

Don't know which apples are best for which culinary uses? Don't worry, Beak & Skiff will teach you.

Where have all the pumpkins gone? Apparently they're in CNY.

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