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The colors of fall

If fall weren’t so fleeting and didn’t give way to winter than it would probably be my #1 favorite season. It has a lot going for it… First off, it’s terribly comfortable – no profuse perspiration from insane humidity and no frozen toes and numb thighs from bone-chilling wind. This means great outfit options – layering! – which I adore. Plus, there’s lots to do and see as the scenery around us changes and routines shift. This weekend, I went out to Somerset County, NJ for some quality time with my auntie, and saw some beautiful colors that aren’t your average tree leaves turning red or yellow. So here’s a little photo-story ode to fall for all the reasons that I love this season – colors and clothes, baby.

A hydrangea with cream-colored blossoms in the summer fades into a smoky pink in the fall before drying out completely (love it in that last stage too).

This is a species of holly known as American Winterberry. It's native to the Northeast. Love that burst of fiery red as everything around it fades into various shades of brown.

The deep purple of this kale is incredible to see at this time of year, but I've been seeing this color used in flower arrangements and table settings in quite a few fall magazines.

Brown in the fall doesn't have to be boring. My new Bindya scarf has great shots of color in the flower pattern and set against classic sailor stripes, it's actually quite an uplifting brown.

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