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Dining in a storybook

Edinburgh has a habit of catching you off guard and making you feel like you are in a Sherlock Holmes novel. When everything is beautifully grey, dimly lit, the cobblestones are glistening because of the constant drizzle and there is the faint sound of bagpipes being played by a busker; it becomes easy to lose yourself in the history of it all. You find yourself imaging what it must have been like in a time of royalty and horse drawn carriages. Nothing completed the feeling more then on a rainy evening, after a long day of sightseeing, making the way up the Royal Mile and just before getting to the Castle going down a tiny stone staircase into what felt like a space that had stopped in time. As I stepped into The Witchery I had to blink my eyes in amazement to convince myself it was all real as I stood surrounded by candlelight and wood paneling as the theme song of Harry Potter played (yes it was ACTUALLY playing). I spent the evening enjoying a very luxurious meal of scallops, venison and coconut pudding all washed down with red wine which was great to warm the bones after a chilly day.

photo source: The Witchery

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