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Make shopping an experience…

Shopping in Britain proved to be a very satisfying experience. I am a big fan of spending quality time in awesome department stores as opposed to painfully wandering around the mall. What better place to do it then in the country that virtually invented the department store experience? Whether it was the House of Fraser or John Lewis I was like a kid in a candy store.

The Jenners located on Princes Street in Edinburgh that I perused Friday morning has a view of the Royal Castle and turn of the century architectural details to add to the overall atmosphere that you’re about to violently break the bank. You can come up with a million excuses such as clothing in Europe being more expensive or not having enough space in your suitcase to bring it all home. However it was as I stood admiring my new found obsession, Ted Baker, while remixes of Toto played in the background I decided to just give in and let it happen. If a new completely unnecessary sweater dress makes me happy then what’s the big deal?

Now I can’t really claim to have a look. If you can argue that my skinny black ankle length jeans, gay pride t-shirts issued by the HRC and ballet flats are a look then more power to you. But I’m a girl that likes clothes and I like to actually look like a girl. I don’t want to look emo, hippie or too stiff and preppy. I wish I could be that person that can open ones’ closet and put together a full Anthropology accessorized outfit effortlessly but I’m not. My sister can do that and I will always be endlessly jealous about it. Put a black cotton v-neck dress on me with cute shoes and I’m done.

Here I found a whole selection of clothing that fell into my category “clothes that just make girl look pretty.” Pieces that are each unique enough that minimal amounts of accessorizing are required. Then even more shockingly cut to actually fit a woman. As is in one with hips, rear and an ample amount of chest. It was refreshing to shop in a place where a size zero isn’t the primary size on the shelf.

So here’s to my 2 new favsies…

Ted Baker, an old time favorite of lots of men. Known for making really lovely button down shirts in interesting prints. He started a women’s line in 1995 using details of his same classic prints, bright colors, and bringing very pretty feminine touches with interesting shapes and combinations of fabrics. Fantastic selection of pieces when you need to be a little more dressed up and feel good about being fancy.

Whistles just brings together my 2 favorite things. Being cute and comfy. Charming sweater dresses, wool skirts in vibrant colors, and a touch of nod to what Britain does best, being mod.

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