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When it rains it pours…

I wrote this post before we had a random freak snowstorm far ahead of schedule. However now that fall seems to have recommenced I decided it was ok to share…

So a couple weekends ago I got completely drenched on my way to dinner after spending a long grueling day at the NYC Food and Wine Fest. My old faithful Marimekko umbrella met its final day there in the wind and torrential downpour on the Highline. Which, you know, was a welcome addition to my already challenging day. Unfortunately, the only time one opens an umbrella is when one actually needs to use it and be dry. But enough of my whining. You get it. It was raining and I was not pleased.

Since then I have been umbrella-less. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not buy articles of clothing easily. I stand, I contemplate, I try it on, I try it on again, I think about what other pieces from my closet it would work with. I came to a decision a couple years ago that I owned far too much clothing and made a promise to myself to not just buy “stuff” or “filler” but to make sure everything I get is something that serves a specific purpose and is something that I truly want and will get enjoyment out of wearing. I also approach it from the point of view that every piece needs to have earned its place in my limited amount of storage space. Does it work? Not always. But one can try.

That being said I came to also find that I was in severe need of rain gear. Last year I made the jump of getting rain boots, whoever managed to get New Yorkers to embrace dry footwear was an angel.  Maybe next year it will be time to invest in a proper trench. Now this year I think will be the year of the umbrella purchase… There are so many different ones to choose from. You can go brand traditional with Burberry plaid, adventurous with flowers from Galleria, cute as always with Kate Spade and cuter still with a little Vera Bradley. So many options.

Hopefully when everything is together these will be amongst my key rain pieces. More than likely because I took the time to make it come together we will have a dry spell.

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