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Back to the cutting board

Many of my friends started to exercise their desire to cook and be enterprising in their kitchens a long time ago. I have stunted growth in this area, but reality is quickly drawing me into my itsy bitsy kitchen and away from my eating-out lifestyle. While eating out is fun, it’s lazy to go out all the time, it makes you fat if you finish the entire entrée every time (guilty!) and it incinerates money.

So here I am in my kitchen faced with a blank stove. What’s a food-loving non-cook to do to avoid the growing pains of getting to know her kitchen but still have decent meals? Baby steps.  The space is dinky, the budget is tiny, and my ass needs to get even smaller than both of those, stat, ie. save money, get skinny. Basically, cook for yourself to hit both birds with one stone.

The other weekend, a friend of mine came over for brunch because we both wanted to keep it cheap. We ended up making the world’s easiest, most adaptable, yet healthy and delicious meal – The Omelette. Some of you may scoff – she doesn’t already know how to make an omelette? – answer: not really. I mean, it’s not rocket science, but I’ve just never done it before.

Avocado, ham and slices of muenster cheese.

Ham, muenster and avocado were on the docket this time around, but the great thing about The Omelette is that it doesn’t ever have to be the same, just need the foolproof core ingredients – eggs, milk, salt and pepper (even I have that) – and accessorize with the additions. Another great omelette combination that I made a few days ago for dinner was leek and gruyère. Sauté the leeks in olive oil in a separate pan, then add them along with thin slices of gruyère to the cooking beaten eggs. And if you really want to emphasize the skinny part, then just use egg whites (thanks for the reco Sara Daino!)

And so there you have it – lesson one in ‘save money, get skinny’ for non-cooking food enthusiasts. Cheap, easy, good for any # of people, ideal. More to come on this front as my kitchen and I get cozy.

Getting ready to do the flip

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  1. Ana Beth Van Gulick #

    Where is the photo of the finished product!?

    November 15, 2011
  2. Little Sis #

    My delivery onto the plate was not very swift, so I gobbled it up too quickly for a pic 🙂

    November 16, 2011

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