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We dream in chocolate

This past weekend we went to participate in the ultimate indulgence. The 2011 Chocolate Show. Accompanied by my loves Ash and Sara, Girly Obsessions, we ventured to the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC to engorge ourselves in everything chocolate. Not to mention checking off one of the items off of our fall activity list… Here are some of our thoughts on this delicious experience…

M: Crowds normally are really not my thing but every now again I make an exception. The 2011 Chocolate Show definitely had rewards that made the sacrifice worth it. It only took a couple samples to have me fully choco’ed up. Of course, samples being served outside the door before we even entered helped aid the impending overdose.

Ash: Luckily we were waiting outside long enough that they forgot who we were and served us twice! “They” were No Chewing Allowed, a brand of truffles that melt in your mouth, and one of my favorite things that we tried. Unfortunately, I felt seriously full after only four or five samples, so the visions of stuffing my face with chocolate didn’t quite materialize. And since I had to be selective in my sample choices, I went for things in pretty packaging.

M: My personal fav amongst a sea of very feminine packaging was Pure Dark that took a more natural, earthy and Central American/Mayan approach to both their presentation and flavors. Figures since their tagline is Chocolate Harvested from Nature. They had chocolate with sea salt, chili powder and my personal fav was the 70% Dark Chocolate Slab with Caramelized Cocoa Nibs. Who wouldn’t love chocolate that comes in a slab? But I think you will agree that the Prestat display complete with the most adorable older English gentleman threw us over the edge. Awarded warrants from the Queen, pink packaging, royal flair and accents get me every time.

Ash: Seriously, how great were his custom made pink and turquoise Converse? His whole outfit was very male Kate Spade-ish: a fun mix of patterns and colors. LOVED HIM! Perhaps more than any chocolate that was exhibited. But since you stole my pick for favorite chocolate overall (The Pure Dark Sea Salt Rounds), and my pick for prettiest packaging and cute English man combo, I’ll give a pick for a random favorite. I kind of loved The Chocolate Cellar’s Chocolate Red Wine. I think it was the combo of hot pink stripes, crowns and their Fit For a Queen tagline. The wine itself wasn’t bad, but it was more of a dessert substitute than a wine to drink with dessert. That might be overkill.

M: It was definitely only meant for sipping however I really want to get some just to be able to keep the bottle. It goes perfectly with the pink wine glasses you gave me for my birthday. Overall that was a perfect sign off to the entire event that covered the entire chocolate gamut from Top Chef appearances, girly themes, French themes, chocolate with peanut butter, cooking chocolate, Central American chocolate, fondue and chocolate themed alcohol. All this does however is get me excited for the City Bakery 19th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival

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