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Is the week finally over?!

And it was pretty damn crappy. Sometimes no amount of Starbucks can turn this girl’s frown upside down. We all have weeks where the cup definitely does not seem half full. If it was then we would want it to be  half full of vodka. Or in my case Malbec. But after all isn’t that what Friday night is for? To let us shake off whatever irritation the week gave us and get us focused on the weekend. We all have our methods of coping with stress. Some of us are healthy and go for a run. Some of us use less healthy methods. I listen to music. My coworkers would tell you that I frequently need to “dance it out”… preferably in an unsuspecting victim’s cubical using all my best moves. It definitely does the trick. As does screaming along to the music on my Friday night drive home. So I share with you some tunes to bring some fun to your commute home whether it be by car, train or foot…

1. Duck Sauce/Barbara Streisand
2. Tina Turner/When the Heartache is Over
3. Katy Perry/Firework
4. Mariah Carey/Someday
5. Pink/So What
6. Taio Cruz/Higher
7. Rihanna/Cheers
8. Nicki Minaj/Moment 4 Life
9.  Lily Allen/Fuck You
10. Lady Gaga/Born this Way
11. Ke$ha/Blow
12. David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj/Where Them Girls At
13. Usher/More

Happy listening…. sing or dance it out…

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