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A lesson in being classy…

Life has definitely changed since our grandmothers were in their prime. They didn’t have temptations like sexting, Four Loco, dropping down low to Lil’ Wayne, tagging friends in inappropriate pictures on Facebook, outfits from Guess and perfume by Brittany Spears. We, however, have admittedly done and worn all all these things. As we looked through Classy, by Derek Blasberg, we realized that this is not a book of Tiffany’s Table Manners or Kate Spade’s Manners but it does call attention in a very humorous way to all the vices in today’s day and age that young ladies succumb to. It’s a friendly reminder that if the autocorrect on your phone changes words or phrases to say whore, yo, bitches, where you be and I don’t play it like that, that maybe it’s time to revaluate your vernacular.

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