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A Thanksgiving tradition

With Thanksgiving comes the official beginning of the Christmas season. You start thinking about gifts, how you want to wrap them, whether or not they are themed, what specific things each person wants? It is also the perfect time to sit by the fire and get writing Christmas cards out of the way. Christmas cards are one of those traditions that it disappoints me to not be able to get to. Writing them is not necessarily a pleasure, in fact it’s a bit of a chore, but the satisfaction one can have from taking the time to do something the old-fashioned way is significant. Regardless of whether the recipients are the type of people that collect their cards for the season or shortly there after put it in the recycling bin (hopefully not just in the trash) you know that they will appreciate, if only for a second, the time you took to write it. So make an occasion of it – a fireplace, candles, hot chocolate and/or mulled wine, and cookies are all mandatory to the process. Take the time to pick up Christmas-themed stamps. A busy hostess orders them from… Delivery costs a dollar.

This year my sister and I went for distinct themes with our cards. I continued the Keep Calm obsession and A went on a typography treatment bonanza. Some of our favorite holiday card companies are Paper-Source, Crane & Co. Studio collection, Caspari, Vera Wang Fine Papers and American Artists Group for customizable cards with great artwork and images.

Big Sister’s Cards

Little Sister’s Cards

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