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Saturday of support

It’s Cyber Monday, but I won’t be ordering much – that’s for more focused shoppers. I still need to do some browsing to get good gift ideas. The other other named holiday shopping day, Black Friday, doesn’t do it for me either – being trampled wasn’t in the plans for us. However, there’s one relatively new holiday shopping day that I was definitely digging this weekend – Small Business Saturday. SBS was spearheaded by American Express last year as a way to spur business for its merchant partners, but to Amex’s credit, it’s really become a movement beyond just the card company with White House backing and millions of supporters, Amex Card carriers or not.  [Full disclosure: Amex is a client of my employer, Ogilvy & Mather]

My mom and I were all about SBS and headed to the cute Syracuse downtown area called Armory Square to support our favorite local small business – Eureka Crafts (I also hit up independent local coffeehouse Freedom of Espresso earlier in the day). Small shops are some of the best places for gift ideas off the beaten path, so we ended up getting hand-cast Christmas candles and artisan-made cheese boards for family overseas. It’s the ideal place to show hometown economic support.  In 2012, I’m going to carve out even more time on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for more Christmas shopping with a purpose! Let’s hope 2012 has more seasonal weather though… Christmas shopping without a coat was kind of odd.

Did anyone else do any SBS holiday shopping this past weekend? We’d love to hear what your hometown go-to shops and boutiques are!

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