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Oh Fred you’re just so silly!

So the other month we discussed the need to get people gifts in good taste. Not that we are taking that back… Oh no no… However sometimes a gift needs to thoughtful, appropriate to the person as well as funny. More importantly for it to be funny while still being somewhat intelligent and mildly thought provoking. For some of us humor with gift giving comes more easily then for others. For me I have found that everything and anything from the Fred & Friends line up is the perfect way to add something silly to ones gift repertoire.

Last year one of my friends got me the M-Spoons and  M-Cups to add to my baking tools collection and ever since I have been hooked. Every time I pull them out now I not only laugh but also remark at how thoughtfully they are designed. They are all created to not only be funny but to serve a specific purpose or resolve a specific design problem.

All the different products are available on Amazon and in boutiques such as Pleasant Surprise, in Newport, Rhode Island, that has practically the entire line up on display. You could stand for hours laughing and trying to find one gift that actually could not be paired with one of your friends. Whether it be something small for a Secret Santa, the cook, the alcoholic, the host, the new boyfriend, or the critical best friend you are sure to find something to bring out a smile and chuckle.

photo source: Fred and Friends

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