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The pinkest night of the year…

Once again we prepared for one of the best female nights of the year. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is like the female version of the Super Bowl. Nothing makes the year as complete as sitting around with girl friends, stuffing our faces with a variety of appetizers and admiring the unbelievable and non-realistic bodies of the Victoria Secret line up. This year my love Ash, Girly Obsessions, and I enjoyed the pleasures of the show over take-out. Nothing says runway ready like freshly baked pizza dough. We had no guilt or dislike – more like pure envy and awe at the lack of BMI that is walking down the runway.

This year, however, we were left a bit unimpressed by the entire debacle. We weren’t sure if it was the pushed back timing, the pre-show being online, or the continuous one-on-one interviews but we were left a bit unenthused and underwhelmed…

Ash: Well, another girly activity can be checked off the list. I don’t know about you, and it’s been a few years since I’ve watched the VS Fashion Show, but I don’t feel like it lived up to the hype. Sure, it was extravagant and over the top, and skinny and gorgeous and sparkly, but it really just felt like an hour-long commercial more than a fashion show. Here’s what I don’t get. Why blur out butt cheeks? I mean isn’t that why it’s on at 10 p.m. and not 9 p.m.? I feel like if you’re watching this show, you expect to see a little butt cheek now and again. Is it really any worse than showing legs that don’t stop and tons of cleavage?

M: Maybe I’m getting old but what’s with 10pm? In order for me to be fully invested in a TV event it really needs to take place by 8 p.m. and the web based pre-show was first of all a complete miscommunication and a letdown. The entire ordeal became way too complicated. I also wasn’t entirely a fan of letting the models walk while Nicki was onstage. Her performance was the main thing I was looking forward to and she didn’t even get the entire stage. Also Jay-Z, my love for you is true and pure, but you really need to pull your pants up. That being said the ethnic-themed jeweled selection at the beginning was my favorite. Particularly the ones that looked kind of Persian.

Ash: I believe you are talking about the Passion Collection. All the jeweled selections were really beautiful, and there was no lack of sparkle at this event, including the glittery runway (which I LOVED!). I felt a little let down by the fantasy bra modeled by Miranda Kerr. I feel like a bra worth $2.5 million should be given a little more pomp and circumstance. It just kind of came and went. I think Miranda Kerr was the best thing about that bra. Seriously, how gorgeous is she?? I want to hate her cause she’s so damn perfect, but how can you hate those dimples? I also loved that Orlando Bloom gave her a standing ovation when she came on the runway. So cute! My favorite collection was I Put a Spell on You. It was very pirate wench meets Scarlet O’Hara, complete with polka dots and stripes.

M: Of course you like the collection with polka dots and stripes. Shocking. I was a big fan of the use of victorian elements like the eyelet patterns, cameos and little parasols. Although, as the boys pointed out… why 2 umbrellas? How will that keep you dry in the rain? I loved the variety of different wing-related gear. There were bejeweled wings, lacy wings, tattered wings, evil wings, and ones that were lit up like neon signs. I always expect more of a display to be done with every year’s holiday bra. For $2.5 million I feel it should have its own section of the show or be combined in some sort of way with the musical performances. I totally missed that that was the one that walked out at that moment. I may have been pouring more wine….

Ash: A couple things to sum it up. One, I was a little skeptical of watching this with boys. But their man commentary may have been more amusing than the show. Some highlights: “their angel wings look like fallen whore wings” and, referring to Nicki Minaj, “she looks like a kid-friendly crack addict.” HA! Two, speaking of neon, I did love the PINK Collection’s bright neon color palette and glowing neon wings! Three, there was also some fab sparkly foot contraptions. Four, Heidi Klum should bring her angel wings out of retirement because, to me, she still defines Victoria’s Secret. Five, Adam Levine is a little bit creepy. And six, after watching this show, I might need to increase my presence at the gym.

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  1. well stated!

    December 5, 2011

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