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The Jackson Pollock method

My new life mantra “Save Money, Get Skinny” is blazing trails in my life! I’m actually quite proud of how I’ve been sticking it to it both at dinnertime, and making extra for lunches. More saved money! More skinny! Well, sorta… the latter is slightly questionable at the mo. There were cookies in a two-hour long meeting today… relapse! (But they were from Sullivan St. Bakery… wah! Too good to pass up).

Here’s the latest SMGS method (not so much a recipe as you will read in a moment), which I’m going to call the Jackson Pollock, ie you go to the store, get some representative food groups that your senses tell you wouldn’t be horrible together – make sure there are various colors so there’s some semblance of being healthy (and pretty). Then throw it all in a pan, sprinkle in some basic spices (again use instincts here) and then just cook it. BAM. Food. It’s yet another highly adaptable SMGS dish. Beware though, depending on your instincts in the kitchen, this could totally backfire on you  (ie not Jackson, but more like sugar-high kindergartener finger painting) and if it does, that sucks and you just wasted food (back to sandwiches you go). I’m proud to report the Jackson Pollock dish method has been going well for me so far.

The JP you see below is made up of Israeli couscous, baby spinach, mushrooms, shallots and yellow squash. Cook the couscous separately and in the meantime get the shallots, mushrooms and squash going with some olive oil, salt, pepper and dried basil leaves in the pan. Throw in the spinach when the rest is almost cooked since it cooks down in a nanosecond (love that quality – impatient cook here), take it off the heat and mix in the couscous. Welcome to the world of JP cooking, if you’re not here already. It’s pretty great.

Jackson’s cooking!

Finished product! With a glass of Cayuga White from Swedish Hill Winery.

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