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A weekend of crazy ladies

This weekend was fantastic and relaxing. I got my hair done, which is always delightful and makes me feel like a million bucks… if I actually had that million bucks I would get it blown out every other day. So with that upkeep item checked off my list, the weekend was all about why I love living in New York (in spite of its many flaws). Christmas displays, delicious dinners with friends, and seeing things I would otherwise only read about in magazines (one of my favorite things). On the agenda this weekend – the Elizabeth Taylor collection of jewels and couture at Christie’s New York (from our Winter Activities List) and Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s. I didn’t really think these two things would really show any similarity to each other, but they did… these women were/are CRAZY, respectively. I mean that in the best of ways.

La Liz amassed an unbelievable collection of caftans and muumuu-esque ensembles, but the jewels! Wow. How one woman amassed all of that is beyond me. Much of the stuff was too animal-oriented and asymmetrical for me, but overall I like how she handled it – go big or go home. You go girl.

Aside from all the obvious glittery favorites (the 33-carat Burton diamond is a slap in the face to Kim Kardashian), my favorite was a Bulgari 18k gold and enamel nautical flag charm necklace and Van Cleef and Arpels coral, diamond and amethyst tassel necklace. I gazed, I ah-ed, and the only thing I could conquer was the paper jewelry souvenir kit for little girls and their paper dolls.

Enter Lady Gaga’s acid trip den at Barney’s. The antithesis to the ET collection in that the vast majority of products were either pointless, cheap or both. The displays were incredible, though. So crazy and so Gaga. How she even comes up with this stuff is beyond me (are you starting to catch the similarities with Liz yet?), but you have to admire this Lady’s vision. If you have a spare 10 minutes and are up in that area, pop in and take a look around and jam out to the blaring Marry the Night. You may or may not contemplate buying a leather jacket, neon composition notebook, Gaga paper Mardi Gras mask or a magnetic paper doll dress-up kit (again, seeing the similarities with Liz?), but most likely you’ll leave thinking, phew, it was really hot in there and she is one crazy lady. It was raining crazy ladies this weekend but we loved it. We’re nothing if not a little crazy ourselves too.

Be a lady. Please share your thoughts.

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