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It’s time to go to the movies

Maybe it’s because when I woke up today it was just as dark as when I went to sleep, but I’m craving a day full of movie watching, popcorn eating and general reclusive behavior. But since I can’t stay home and do that, I’m contenting myself with checking what movies I can go see in the coming month since there are tons of releases coming up to fill everyone’s free holiday time. Trick is, some are worth $13 and many are not.

Here are our best bets and thoughts on what we’ve already seen. There’s a great comprehensive release list on MovieFone.

The Descendants (currently in theaters) This movie had some great acting in it – George Clooney did well – and the view of Hawaiian culture was interesting since I’ve never been, but this movie overall was a confusing mix of humor and depressing life situations. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry, and it at times makes light of a pretty awful situation (Clooney’s fictional wife is in coma and dies and no one seems to have liked her an awful lot between her kids and her husband). Overall, it’s a good watch, but can wait for Netflix. I could have gone without mascara all over my face as I left the theater.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 (currently in theaters) – As much as I love a good love story, this series’ latest moneymaker had me both loving it and cringing… it was a pretty nasty pregnancy poor KStew went through (starvation, broken bones, having to drink blood, bleeding out during delivery, vampire conversion). The filmmakers couldn’t gloss over the  medical complications like the book, so they took the medical element to the extreme. It was like Grey’s Anatomy with vampires and Romeo & Juliet all in one. However, the make-up and CGI people deserve an Oscar. There was some serious talent behind making KStew look like a victim of anorexia. All in all, this could’ve waited for Netflix.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (releases Dec. 9) Love a good spy story. And Colin Firth.

New Year’s Eve (releases Dec. 9) Yet another movie about holidays that are oftentimes over-hyped (ie Valentine’s Day). Let’s put this out there – I dislike NYE. I find it to be the biggest let-down of a holiday. You can never get all the people you want to be with in one place, it turns out to be expensive when it doesn’t need to be, and after Christmas, it’s just, well, a let-down. And if I’m super emo about it later this month, I may see this in the theater. Otherwise, I will bump it up to #1 in my Netflix queue when the annoyance of this year’s NYE has passed and it’s on DVD.

The Iron Lady (releases Dec. 16) Meryl Streep is a bad ass. That is all.

Sherlock Holmes (releases Dec. 16) Loved the first one, hope the second one is just as good.

Adventures of Tin Tin (releases Dec. 21) We aren’t usually ones for animation (notable exceptions: our entire childhood and Up!),  but Tin Tin has a soft spot for me because these were my dad’s favorite books as a kid, so it’ll be interesting to see how they make it into a 3D experience.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (releases Dec. 21) Haven’t read the book (I know, I’m the last person on earth to have not read it yet) and feel like you need to come into this one with the book under your belt. But the second I close that cover, I will go see this. And oddly enough, I adore Christopher Plummer (nostalgia from Sound of Music methinks).

War Horse (releases Dec. 25) I walked by the Lincoln Center premier the other night, which naturally peaked my interest, and I’ve been hearing about this story since it came to New York live theater this fall. Also been hearing that there are some amazing performances in this upcoming film version, so looking forward to this one. And it’s a costume drama (fav!), so I’ll shell out the $13 for this.

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