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Wintertime, and the reading is easy

It’s the time of year for indulgences (eating sweets, hitting the sales and gifting yourself, and other excuses I am good at making everyday) and topping the list for the upcoming holiday vacation is curling up by the fire with a delicious warm beverage of some sort and having the written version of a romantic comedy, mystery or costume drama in my hands.

Enter a few of my favorite series that fall into this category for those of you that are also looking for a similar indulgence. I found them all years ago when I worked at a public library (my favorite job, with the exception of this blog, to date). I just finished the last of the current releases in the line up by the fire this weekend, so I’ll be working my way through more ambitious selections until the next book comes out from one of these authors. Happy reading to those of you that discover a new favorite among them!

“A Rather…” series by C.A. Belmond. Fluffy mysteries with a romance and massive inheritance built in, plus they’re set in England and the south of France. Lovely.

Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. Maisie Dobbs grew up in service of a big stately home in WWI-era England, but then became a protégé of the family and ends up as a private investigator. The books have hints of romance, mysticism and tragedy, and the historical backdrop of the time between the two world wars makes for an interesting read.

Kick Keswick series by Marne Davis Kellogg. Kick is an international jewel thief who bops around to fantastic locales, solving mysteries and as a byproduct you get a basic lesson in precious stones and settings. Win win.

Elizabeth Aston‘s version of what happens after Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy of Pemberley get together and have kids. Each book tells the story of one of their female descendants. Typically I despair in Austen knock-offs, but this series that is actually pretty good (though every single story at the end of the day is just a nuanced version of Darcy and Elizabeth’s story).

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