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Life’s little mantras…

It’s hard to remember to control habits and actions that seem natural but are really kind of indulgent or the polar opposite… sometimes you need to talk yourself into finally letting things go and relaxing (can you tell we’re anxious kind of people?!). M leans toward the latter with her mantras and A is particularly bad with the former- she can talk herself into anything. So, in order to keep ourselves motivated to be better and work toward our goals, whatever they may be, we come up with small mantras to repeat and help push things along.

A: Save money, get skinny!
Dearest Readers, you’ve probably seen this one before (here). It’s a reoccurring theme now, this need of mine to slim myself down and beef up my wallet. Pre-New Year even, I’ve begun an adventure in cooking and making lunches to hit two birds with one stone – save money on food, eat healthier, smaller portions, and reap the benefits all around. Baby steps.

M: Relaxation calls for MSB.
Everyone has their method to end the week on a Friday night. We find that malbec, soppressata, and brie work effectively. Fire place and/or chick flick optional. Perfect pairings include the movie The Holiday.

A & M: Starbucks Friday/Saturday
Coffee isn’t particularly amazing for you, especially when it’s packed with yummy flavorings as we like it, and it eats up money. So I’ve started to think twice about my delicious Gingerbread Latte as part of SMGS (see above), and have given myself a designated day to go get it, so it’s a reward. The day to go depends on which sister you are. I go on Fridays to reward myself for the week of hard work and M hits the ‘Bucks up on Saturday AM to start the weekend off with a treat.

A: Mercury Monday
Also a part of SMGS, I have a designated day for sushi and that’s Monday. Another thing to look forward to..  and to limit myself. I could eat sushi everyday and die a slow death by mercury poisoning, hence the moniker. So yeah, my Monday nights consist of me eating sushi in front of the TV. My life is fascinating.

M: I’m on a data diet.
Ever since AT&T changed us onto a plan with data limits, I’ve found that my on-the-road FB habit is a little pricey.

A: (Gotta) Do that hustle, save that dollar.
Yet another way for me to remind myself that I should only buy things I need at the mo’, and be comfortable with being, well, sort of cheap. Shudder, I hate that word. It’s hard to defend your pocketbook in this city, but somehow it’s oddly empowering to be at ease with asking how much things cost before committing to doing anything. But I really just think I need a raise.

M: A glass a day keeps the Xanax away.
Women in this day and age deal with way too much stress. It turns us into the bitches that everyone laughs is your typical city woman. In order to not embody the stereotype, we turn to chemicals. I turn to the remedies of Bacchus because I’m old-fashioned.

A: Just leave it!
I have a tendency for impetuousness and this  helps me stop, and give it a minute. Sometimes things are better left for a minute before reacting.

M: Sorry, I was too busy not listening.
We spend way too much time trying to get one another’s attention. A note to the woman speaking way too loudly at the Christie’s exhibit… We weren’t impressed so much as annoyed that you ruined the ambiance of the first fashion display.

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