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All the ways in which we love Kate

We all have our great attributes – and better ‘sides’ for photos – and naturally we have our flaws too and (try to) accept them in stride. But some women are lucky, and well-maintained enough, to be pretty darn close to perfect, i.e. La Duchesse Kate (at least in the physical sense from what we can tell from photos on HuffPo. We would love to verify with an in-person encounter). Of course this lady gets rewarded by being turned into legit royalty. Now we’re not huge on celeb gossip (A doesn’t know who half the reality TV people in People are and M doesn’t even have cable), but when it comes to crowns and gowns, we’re tracking. We were the crazies up at 4 a.m. to watch the live broadcast of her wedding. Yup, that happened (I was so f-ing tired that day at work that I get woozy just thinking about it).

She’s utterly elegant. It comes from a combination of genuine niceness, poise, simple and classic wardrobe, topped off with enviable grooming (those blow-outs….! If our hair was done everyday we would feel like future Queens too).

Kate is our all-time favorite and new role model (from a distance). For a ‘commoner’, she’s just perfect for her new role. Groomed to perfection with impeccable gown choices, we just wish we could wear Alexander McQueen every time we went out. Always simple, never overstated, and an enviable figure are the recipe for a duchess. Or maybe a good hostess? We just need to strike gold.

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