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Santa brought so many yummy things this year!

This year, just like every other year, friends and family were thoughtful and generous with gifts that came my way. And you come to realize that just as much thought as you’re putting into their gifts, they are putting into yours. So I took a look at everything I received and thought to myself that everything I got this year is a reflection of what I appear to be interested in or passionate about in their eyes. The common theme this year was food, food preparation, food presentation, beverages the food is accompanied by, and sweets that it is followed with. Apparently according to everyone what I love about life is stuffing my face. Or as my friend Steph would put it… carbicide.

All jokes aside it is heart warming that my love for puttering around the kitchen is very clear to everyone that knows me. As well as my love to follow that quality time with hot chocolate. I even got the wonderful gift of formal cooking classes. Now I hope everyone who has made these observations also enjoys the products of my experimentation. With the number of cookbooks I received this year, you all will have to become my taste testers.

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