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Sisterhood of the non-stop ridiculousness

We admit that we love working on this blog together and sharing it with you all. It has been a wonderfully rewarding creative outlet for both of us in our individual ways. We also love that it has encouraged us to spend more time together than we do already. Seeing that as it stands we are attached at the hip it has even further brought out our love for being silly together. Considering that one of us is already in their thirties (OMG. I said it. In my…. THIRTIES…) our behavior is really pretty childish. When discussing on a routine basis what we will post, brainstorming and trying to figure out various WordPress hurdles, we occasionally have to take breaks to just be… silly. We managed to capture a couple of the moments, at the time to tease one another, but when looking back at them the other night we found them hilarious. Just too good not to be shared. Enjoy. And please don’t judge us.

During Hurricane Irene… very perturbed waiting for the hurricane to arrive… anddddd where the f is it?

More than likely having consumed at least 2 glasses of wine at this point…

Making our very best Jenna Mourey immitations. She is fucking hilarious.

Clearly having an utterly uninspired day…. where we sat in silence ignoring each other…

Be a lady. Please share your thoughts.

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