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Resolving our resolutions

An appropriate way to start the year…

M: When I initially sat down to write this post I realized that I already sounded completely bitter and jaded. And it was only the first of January. Not a good start. Needless to say one of my resolutions needs to be a little more “cup half full.” On that note, I thought of things I need to accomplish that are both serious and a bit more light-hearted… like I will stop convincing myself that if I close my eyes while serving myself carrot cake that means it didn’t happen.

1. Unleashing my Inner Housekeeping Goddess Last year I started the wonderful habit of keeping ongoing to-do lists, shopping lists etc. on my phone. Every time I realized something was running low or needed to be done I immediately added it. Totally helped manage my own forgetfulness. I also set aside one day a week to routinely do household tasks like collecting trash, Swiffering, cleaning the bathroom, emptying the dishwasher etc. It just prevented me from getting overwhelmed by household tasks. All these good habits sort of fell to the wayside with the holiday season and it’s time to get back on course.

2. The Year of Turning Off the TV We took the initial step of getting rid of cable which really reduced the amount of needless TV we watched. No one needs to watch as much Law and Order SVU as I used to be guilty of. I now make much more conscious decisions of what I would like to watch over Netflix. However, I really could be better about having evenings be more about quiet time spent reading books. This Christmas I acquired an iPad which will hopefully make reading that much easier.

3. Remembering to be Healthy This past year I got through dealing with some health-related hurdles and while I have learned a lot about nutrition and exercise, what I need to improve on is consistency. Eating well week on and week off will get you nowhere. For me it’s not for the normal reasons of strictly weight loss but to generally feel healthy and energetic. If weight loss is a byproduct then that would of course be awesome but let’s just start with feeling good. Baby steps.

Onto the less hardcore ones…
4. Restraining myself in Kate Spade. Just back away from the purses.
5. I need to acknowledge my age and come to terms with the fact that under eye cream is necessary.
6. Cut back on soppressata. I need to give the cured meats a break. Anyone who spends time with me on a regular basis knows my food vices. I have a sausage problem. And I don’t even mean that in the fun, dirty way.

Now onto the other sister…

A: At this time last year, I was resolute on changing things because 2010 had been a bit of a bust in terms of achievement on various levels, right down to leaving the city so often on weekends that I didn’t enjoy living here. So I made a massive list of things I needed to do to get my life running a bit more smoothly, from getting renter’s insurance and a doctor to keeping track of how many books I read (21 if you’re curious) and events and exhibits I wanted to attend. That list was two pages long. I kept it handy throughout the year and am proud to say I crossed off about 95% of it. There was something about listing all those interests and to-dos out that I could keep myself accountable against during the year that helped me actually get things done.

So for 2012 I returned to the massive list. It’s actually positive though lengthy because it focuses on what can be achieved and less about berating myself for not having done more. Some themes emerged as I was writing it out (this version is very truncated):

1. The Year of Exploration This is the most fun category with all the events and places I want to go to see. The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island in June (date TBA), both spring and fall Spa Weeks, The Hunt in October, Chicago to meet a friend from California halfway, and the Madison Bouckville Antiques Show are some items on the list.

2. The Year of Keeping Up Reading I will keep writing down what books I finish, and attending the book clubs my friends and I started. They were both fun little challenges in 2011 that I don’t want to let go!

3. The Year of Money Making From saving money (SMGS), to learning to invest, to pulling a credit report and making my 401(k) more aggressive, I will not be afraid of money this year. I will be in control and know where my dollars go (and where they’re coming from)! Side note: this is the most terrifying category for me.

4. The Third Year in My Apartment The place needs some organization spruce-ups (already hit The Container Store) and some small furniture additions (bench at the end of the bed, curtains to my kitchen) that I’m already working on to keep it interesting this year.

5. The Year of the Bikini I am not going to go the gym every day, it’s just not my thing, but I can handle going twice a week, so that’s my goal – hit the gym for 45 minutes (or take a class) once during the week and once during the weekend. Make it easy for yourself to achieve the goals you set out!  And naturally I am going to try to control my love of carbs and sugar and my habitual nightowlishness… more to come on the methods for these.

6. The Year of the Blog I want to get better photo equipment (both my phone and an SLR camera). The Blackberry shots aren’t cutting it.

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