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Instagram Anonymous.

{ Blog Swapping Series, Part 2: My bestie over at Girly Obsessions and I have decided to start swapping blogs every couple weeks. She will be bringing you her hostessing skills and we’ll be discussing our obsessions. Check out my post, where I tell you all about my obsession with the campalicious and revamped Eddie Bauer… }

Hello, my name is Ashley, and I am addicted to Instagram.

Seriously people, it’s bad. And what’s more annoying is that I have DSLR that I adore and tote around with me everywhere I go, but I find myself having to snap pics with both my Nikon and my iPhone, just so I can go home and Instagram. I know I can add my Nikon pics to Instagram, but I tend to be an iphone only purist. So inconvenient.

But anyways, I’ve accumulated over 300 Instagram photos. And in an effort to feel like filtering, tilt-shifting, tagging and sharing my pics isn’t total time suckage, I am looking for ideas on how to turn my photos into tangible art. Luckily, there are several websites capitalizing on Instagram’s popularity, offering up many different ways to display my addiction. Here are some of my faves:

Blurb: Bookify
I’ve used Blurb in the past to make my wedding photo book, and I was totally impressed with the quality of both the book and the printing. Like with most of the Instagram-friendly sites, Blurb connects directly to your Instagram feed, and you just select and flow in your photos! Super easy! Books are printed in a 7×7 format and start at just $10.95 for a soft cover, although you can easily upgrade to a hard cover.

CanvasPop: Totally wall-worthy
CanvasPop prints your photos on gallery-quality canvas. Prices start at $29.95 (introductory pricing) for a 12×12 canvas but you can opt for a larger 20×20 size. Perfect for an at-home art installation to show off your talents!

Printstagram: Posterized
If you’re more of a poster person, for $25 you can get a 20×40 print that can accommodate anywhere between 50 and 400 photos. You can choose a black or white background and Printstagram will size them to fit the full poster size and arrange them in a nice clean grid. You can also use Printstagram to print Miniprints, Stickers, Minibooks and Tinybooks.

TeenyTile: Personalize your backsplash
In case you ever wanted to re-tile something with your photos, here’s your chance. TeenyTile turns your photos into 2×2 ceramic tiles, just $3.99 each. The tiles also come with an adhesive magnet if you want fridge art! (StickyGram is another great site for just magnets.)

Instagram was Apple’s App of the Year. And it’s 100% free. Get it.

If you’re curious, you can check out my pics here. And if you’re on Instagram, follow me @fluttography. I follow back!

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