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Mix ‘n’ match salads


Every cook, however good or bad you are, has a recipe that they do best. I am a salad master and I know it. I also, notoriously, hate to waste food. I will keep tiny remnants of veggies in the fridge, make croutons out of stale bread, and turn leftover rice from take-out into risotto. I am definitely not getting skinny but I AM saving money.

Eating salad on a regular basis can be tricky because it just gets boring and expensive if you feel like you’re not getting the bang for your buck out of one box of mixed greens. My trick has become topping my usual salad with different things so that day-after-day I’m not wasting any of those greens and still enjoying every single salad as much as the last.


My normal salad base is comprised of mixed greens, cukes, pine nuts, and gorgonzola. Followed by a couple of my favorite toppers such as strawberries with green onion, portabello mushrooms sautéed with an onion sauce and fennel, and butternut squash roasted with rosemary. If more protein is your thing you can always top off with a little rotisserie chicken, shrimp, or chopped up roast beef. A. has had the pleasure of taste testing each one of these combinations and more.

As you can see below I make an occasion of dinner with oil to dip bread in and wine to wash it down with. Nothing more relaxing then wine and carbs after a long day. There are so many of those aren’t there?


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