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A Trip Down Under

But it wasn’t to Australia (which would be nice right about now). Try a more local destination – down under the Manhattan Bridge, Dumbo.

Here’s a little run-down of the Sunday adventure. Started with the wonderfulness that is Vinegar Hill House at brunchtime (Irish coffee to start, followed by a bread bowl of beef chili), peeked at where the Commodore used to rule over the Brooklyn Navy Yards at the Commandant’s House (now privately owned, Little and Evans Sts), found perfect paintings and a dream dining room table at Olga Guanabara on Pearl Street (go there, the owner is a friend!), sauntered past beautifully restored loft apartments on Water St (and newly constructed McLofts, as my friend cleverly dubbed them), picturing what it would be like to live at the Selling New York exclusive clocktower penthouse listing, seeing the kidlets revel in Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and watching the sun set as we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. And to top it all off, I’m lucky to have a Sunday kind of love to share all the sights with.

Literally the definition of Dumbo.

A well-styled restaurant. And yummy. But we’re suckers for typography and décor.

McLofts in construction. They have the whole gorgeous warehouse window thing figured out.

The dream table for my dining room. Wouldn’t mind taking the painting home either.

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