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Restoration… wtf…

This is pretty much what I felt when I stepped into Restoration Hardware last week for the first time in a year and a half: “what the deuce happened?” Now I don’t necessarily mean this in a negative way, more just pure shock and surprise. Within the last year they went through a substantial brand redirection with the goal of reaching an even more upscale consumer than before. The resulting effect is that they no longer sell any… hardware. Hmmm…

Everything in the store is either comically oversized or presented in out-of-context proportions. There are gigantic Eiffel Tour statues, sofas that are literally the width of my living room, covered arm chairs that made me feel like I was sitting on a throne, beds that one needs to jump into like a gymnast, gigantic trunks that open up as desks in various configurations, and oh, curtains. Because, you know, this is now where people will come to get normal things like rugs, candles, and bathrobes (insert sarcasm here)…

My favorite was definitely the aviation-inspired furniture line that makes you feel like you’re flying around in a 1940s plane. It almost made me feel like I was inside the zeppelin in the movie Up!. Needless to say, the new product line is completely different. I’m curious to see how long it will stick around and who is actually capable of fitting it through their front door let alone actually having it in their homes (lucky bastards with all that space).

photo source: Restoration Hardware online catalog

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  1. Sara McFadden #

    a schizophrenic army base?

    February 3, 2012

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