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Cute. Yummy. Perfection.

Sometimes food is just so adorable you wish that it had cheeks to pinch. Or it can be so pretty that you don’t want to rip a piece off for fear of destroying how perfect it is. When I came across these recipes on Pinterest I couldn’t get over the imagination put to work to create them. I may be a good cook but I’m not exactly an imaginative one. Clearly, there are people who stand in their kitchen holding a pepper in one hand and an egg in the other and say, “I will put these together to make a picture perfect breakfast!” Most of us are not those people.

First: Pepper Eggs – Haven’t tried this yet but dying to.
Second: Deep Dish Fruit Pizza – Enjoyed this at a party and couldn’t get over how beautiful it was.
Third: Cucumber Sushi – My good friend Michelle made this for Christmas party. I can guarantee you it’s amazing.
Fourth: Avocado Fries – I admit I just threw these in because I am certifiably obsessed with avocados.

photo source: The loving users of Pinterest

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