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This good hostess went to Fashion Week

Not being in the fashion industry (though I have my secret Devil Wears Prada moments at times where I could maybe handle being Miranda Priestley’s bitch long enough to acquire a Chanel 2.55), I’ve been lucky enough to go to several fashion shows in my day. I went to Tory Burch’s spring/summer show in 2010 and met her afterward at the Amex Skybox, and this year I actually worked Behnaz Sarafpour’s Fall/Winter 2012 presentation, conveniently held at my office. I was giddy with anticipation, love getting little windows into that crazy, fabulous world.

I followed Behnaz’s rise in the fashion world when I first started reading Vogue as a tween, so to meet her in person was extremely cool (cannot think of a more eloquent way to say that) and such an honor. Calm, friendly and appreciative, she betrayed no nerves before the show started. I snapped some pictures watching things come together back stage (quite a bit of nudity, as expected), during the catalog shots before guests arrived, and as people milled around the models while I cued them to move in and out behind curtains every five minutes.

Here are my favorite things about the collection, which was beautiful: all the gold fabric, pleated skirts, exposed corset detailing and the Capezio ballet slippers, which justly pointed out is much more humane to the (most likely) hungry models, standing around for an hour. Fingers crossed for an “in” to Fashion Week later this year or in 2013! xx

Gold gorgeousness waiting for its model.

The stage. Lighting was awesome and the shadows cast by obscured models lent a sense of discovery to the show.

Super sassy Euro photogs ordering the models around.

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