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The most important place in the house | Part 2

And the transformation continues.

I shared with you all the before of my kitchen. Now let me share with you the mildly torturous in-between process. After you live in a space for an extended period of time, regardless of how crappy it may be, you get attached to it. I bitched like there was no tomorrow about my 3 feet of counter space, slammed cabinet doors while cooking for emphasis, but it was still my little kitchen that always welcomed me home no matter how shitty my day was. Let’s just say to come home and just have it be… gone… was weird.

In the grand scheme of home renovations, mine is still in the child’s play category, but it still does not change how disruptive it has been. After everything is finished, I will probably not order take out for months. I am completely and totally over pizza.

As the days go by and I come home to discover new pieces of the transformation, I find myself very excited at the prospect of seeing the finished product. When one spends years envisioning a space, seeing it finally take shape and come to fruition is incredibly rewarding.

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