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Hello Oscar.

We were painting all day (more to come on that later), so plopping down with a huge mug of tea and watching the Oscars felt like a vacation. It was an alright show… it could’ve been funnier and The Artist could’ve won fewer awards. But it still provided entertainment, so here are our awards of the awards show, i.e. recap. We hope you chuckle.

Best Diamonds:
Natalie Portman in Harry Winston (and vintage Dior). Le sigh.

Best Arms:
Cameron Diaz. Now this is the way to rock a strapless gown. And let’s face it, she needs to win for something, since it’s not movies. And her nipples are making a subtle appearance, so don’t worry J.Lo, you’re not the only one.  

Best Diva:
Angelina Jolie. Her right leg has a Twitter account now. LOLs.

Tied for Best Women of a Certain Age:
Meryl Streep and Glenn Close. (Missing: Helen Mirren). God I hope I can bring it like these women when I’m past 50.


Best Kiss:
French man on French man. Happened a few times in different combinations every time The Artist won. 

Best Toast:
Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy pounded Grey Goose from mini bottles when someone yelled out “SCORSESE!”

Best Potential Hosts for Next Year:
Chris Rock and/or Emma Stone

[On animation and the roles black men get]

[On being confidently starstruck]

Best Hidden Talent:
Sandra Bullock has some killer German skills. Sehr beeindruckend. (Also did you know Bradley Cooper speaks French? Yeah, aussi vachement impressionnant!)

Best Dashing Men (who will forever be the characters I first fluttered over)
Colin Firth = Mr. Darcy
Christian Bale = Laurie in Little Women
Christopher Plummer = Captain von Trapp (Can you believe he’s 82?? That is truly remarkable. What a Fox.)

Best Peplum
Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. 

Best Red Lips:
Rooney Mara sporting the predominant beauty trend for women.

Best Goatee:
Robert Downey, Jr sporting the predominant grooming trend for men.

Photos courtesy of Getty, TMZ, Huffington Post and

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