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Highland fling

Waxed cotton, plaid, wool… the key elements are there for a good outing in the Highlands. All I need is a rifle hanging in the crook of my arm as we go off on the hunt! Just kidding. Guns terrify me, it’s just more Downton Abbey delusions running through my head.

However, in the absence of true Scottish nature any where nearby in this concrete jungle, you can always don your Barbour and go down to Mary Queen of Scots or Highlands to set the Scottish mood.

Preface: I look annoyed in this picture, but I’m really not, I was just rushing to snap photos between meetings so it’s all I could capture! This is an outfit of shopping deals. Prada sunnies $80 (Loehmann‘s is worth the dig), Gap skirt $8 (I kid you not), Zara waxed cotton Barbour wannabe $30 (half-off, bam!), Banana Republic necklace $11 (bought at the end-of-the-summer outlet blowout), H&M turtleneck, Enzo Angiolini riding boots $150 (very reasonable).

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