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Feeding the annoyance

There are days that all you want to do is stuff your face. That’s the very elegant way of describing it. These are days that I find myself at my desk with bits of cookie around the base of my chair, crumbs of chips in my cowl neck sweater or get told by coworkers that I have hot chocolate somewhere on my face. It’s a very lady like scene.

Days such as these are more often then not brought on by general hormonal insanity however can be further prompted by very simple things. The list includes but is by no means limited to: inconsiderate men, women who don’t stop talking, morning road rage and/or annoying people in the subway, neighbors with obnoxious dogs, running out of stamps, forgetting to pick your clothes up at the cleaners, close talkers, people who indicate but don’t actually turn, making to do lists but forgetting to put them in your purse, ruining your pedicure before you leave the salon, people who don’t man their children in public spaces, and the woman at Starbucks who insists that I want whipped cream. So unnecessary.

For these days I have my usual list of very unhealthy cures.


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  1. omg! those damn golden chocolate oreos got me! never shop the inside aisles at the grocery store.

    February 29, 2012
    Also, I adore Flipz. Excellent roundup ladies 😉

    February 29, 2012

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