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Mitford mania

Mitford phase continues in full force… I’m almost done with Nancy Mitford’s Love in a Cold Climate and just picked up Debo’s memoirs and the sisters’ letters from the library yesterday. If you haven’t read any of Nancy’s novels and you love Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey (and most BBC costume dramas), then hustle over to B&N to get them. They’re light-hearted love/society stories, filled with 1930s aristocracy style of speech that I find so amusing and snarky.

Here’s a funny little quote I found to give you a taste for the lovely reading experience, and quite à propos since I am dying for a fur coat (and the diamond brooch doesn’t sound so bad either). Traced some fur styles through the years below, courtesy of my Pinspirations.

Oh, and let’s follow each other on Pinterest, my button’s right over there –>

Today’s interpretation on Catherine Zeta-Jones…

A little less surface area, but still glorious… 

photo source: Getty Images, Splash/Daily Mail, Pinterest

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