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Easter is just around the corner

I have a horrifying confession to make. I wish I was one of those women that had seasonal-appropriate table settings for every holiday. Blame it on Connecticut or my undying love for Charlotte York, but yes, I want to not-so-secretly be one of those women.

As Easter rolls around and catalogs come in the mail, I find myself partaking in another normal pastime: Williams-Sonoma daydreaming. Damn those catalogs. They arrive with all their culinary glory, taunting you and saying, “See if you weren’t such a work-absorbed crazy person, you too could have a perfectly set table, serve restaurant-quality meals, and have perfectly matching pots and pans.” Thanks a lot. Really, I appreciate the reminder that I’m not in fact Betty Draper.

So this spring, I can drool over perfect carrot cakes, egg-themed center pieces, robin’s nests, ducklings, and cute little bunnies. My one point of satisfaction can be that Betty Draper would have prepped said carrot cake with a cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other.

photo source: Williams-Sonoma

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