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Cute canvas

Spring is in the air! Last night I had my first outdoor drink of the year at La Bottega with my lovely friend Alden from Clean Hippie and then this morning it was in the high 50s as I stepped out my front door to walk to work. I am totally ready for all this weather gorgeousness even though spring doesn’t come as a huge relief from a horrible winter or something. Winter sort of never arrived. I think it’s just the shift in color and style that comes as a relief. Gone (temporarily) are the riding boots and dark turtlenecks. My ballet flats came out; I unearthed a cream 3/4-sleeve cashmere cardi from its dry cleaning hibernation; I let the wind blow dry my hair as I walked down 9th Avenue. It feels so good. So in the spirit of spring and all the delicious shopping to come (for even more delicious weather), here is some fancy footwear to match my state of mind today. xx

Milly for Sperry Top-Sider

Keds for Madewell

Superga 2750

And a blank canvas. Always a classic. Tretorn for J.Crew

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