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Going on a gender bender

That title sounds vastly more scandalous than this post actually is…

I would consider myself a pretty much a girly girl. I appeal to all the stereotypes that women’s magazines seem to primarily serve — I am enthralled by the glamour of high fashion, I like to shop, I want to be slim and glowing with legs like gazelles and arms like Michelle Obama. But yet lately, I am finding myself reading men’s magazines… willingly. Somehow I got put on some media list at work (thanks to some unwitting darling, whoever you are!) and now get free copies of tons of different magazines every month— it’s phenomenal.

But back to the men… Here’s why I love their reading material:

1. The magazines are really well curated. The items are refreshingly a touch more practical and lifestyle oriented, not just style. The latest well-engineered gadgets — personal and household — are featured. The selections inspire some really good gift ideas too for both men and women. I’m always on the lookout so the pressure is off around birthdays and the holidays. PS – Do you keep a gift list? Start one! I have one in my iPhone’s Notes app and I also take pictures of ideas and periodically go through them and update the Notes list.

2. They help with the Save Money part of my mantra Save Money Get Skinny. Sounds far-fetched, but here’s my take on it. I don’t want to spend money, but I still like style. Women’s magazines make me want to shop. Solution: look at men’s clothes. I can still judge the styling to my heart’s desire and project these fascinations on my wonderful, unsuspecting boyfriend instead of myself. He doesn’t live with me so don’t worry, he’s not getting subjected to any constant pressure, but I do pass along interesting brands and ideas when I see them… since he doesn’t read them, I do. What a role reversal.

3. The articles are really interesting, especially in Outside and Men’s Journal. I can’t tell you the last time I read an article in a women’s fashion magazine, with the exception of Vogue and Town & Country. It’s just all so… skip-able. And I would much prefer to read about crazy mountain climbing stuff than actually do it (scaredy cat!), so it works out well. I get a taste of something I find interesting, but will never (ever) do.

4. I know men’s bodies are different, burn fat differently, blah blah blah, but I find the workout and health/nutritional information more realistic and helpful. It seems to be less about weight loss and more about overall health. I feel like women’s mags tend toward the “losing weight with health thrown in” end of the spectrum, but there are some notable exceptions. I love Self (another magazine I get for free. Jackpot!). So that advice, paired with pictures of Michelle Williams’ killer bod (not too skinny, just right), are enough to get me hankering some exercise and handfuls of kale. See?! Men’s magazines are actually good for me.

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  1. I agree with this, I love men’s magazines. They are usually really well designed. But you know, I read them mainly for the eye candy!

    March 9, 2012

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